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Our Work

18) Alphy, Ettumanar has got a total of two Lacks for her Bsc. Nursing studies (Refer #10.) Thanks to all who helped to raise this amount, may our Good Lord bless them abundantly. May 2006

17) We formed CHRISTURAJ MUSICAL RETREAT GROUP in Kerala for a Musical Retreat Tour in The USA. Specialty for this program is very little talks and more songs. Six young very good singers sing about 15-20 Christian songs in Three Hour program. This program will cover mostly all subjects in a retreat. The singers and the audience sing together and will have a very good time. We conducted few program in Kerala about 200 people were attend and each one of them enjoyed very well. Fr. Alex Korattiyil, Fr. James Tharathettel, Fr. Jose Chazhattu and Fr.Johney Kanjiramparambil,SFS Semenary conducted the inaugural function with a Holey Mass on March 09/2006. We are expecting this program hear in The USA by the end of 2006. March 2006

16) MISSIONARIES OF CHRISTURAJ TRUST. We registered a sister non-profit Trust in Kerala, India. The Bible Study and Scholarship program in Kerala is under this Trust. More details will be available in a Link on our main page. March 2006

15) BIBLE STUDY AND SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM IN KERALA We are on the process to start The Bible Study and Scholarship program in Kerala, India. Almost all the groundwork is done. In Kerala it is only 20 weeks program because of the Internet and computer problems. We expect to start the first test on August 06/2006. Thanks for your prayers and support. March 2006
14) DONATION We helped with Rs.10,000.00 each to start a small individual business to Kunjumon Chacko, Tom Thomas and Ragi Mathew. They are doing fine with their business. Jan.2006
13) Bible study and scholarship program Awards 2005
There were 120 kids registered and 81 of them participated. Altogether 226 awards totaling $3270.00 are the total liability. Our reimbursement will start September- October 2006 for the qualified participants. Starting 2006 this program will start on Saturday 7 AM end at 7 AM Monday. Dec.30. 2005

12) We are on the process of doing religious education via internet to our children by January 2005. The participants and the winners, get scholarship awards for their college education. For details about this program, please click Kids & Youth Ministry. Please encourage your children to participate in it. Thanks. 09/04.
11) "Renewal Prayers" It is a new edition of our old prayer book , 3000 copies of the first edition were given out. It is a good prayer book for kids. Due to the increasing demand this time we printed 5000 copies. 08/04
10) Ettumanur: A Girl name Alphy who just finished high school had lost her father six years ago due to rat fever. She is living with her mother who is a house wife and a younger sister. She had requested financial help for her BSC. Nursing. The cost of this course will be Rs. 75000.00 per year for four years. After careful investigation we found that she belongs to a blessed family. Her father has one brother who is a priest and four sisters who are Nuns. C. M.S. found that she is a suitable candidate and offered help. I am sure that generous people like you will help her. 07/04
9) Kottayam: A poor family of five, daily wager, facing hardship in their day to day life requested financial help to buy an Auto-Resha ( for a hired vehicle) to do taxi service. After careful investigation and obtaining enough opinion from very honest people, C.M.S. donated about $ 1935.00 ( Rs.87,000.00). Identity of the person is protected and only informed to those who are involved. We thank those who sent donation and supported this charity work. I am sure that the Good Lord will reward them 100 times. Thanks again. 03/04
8) Palakadu : A young widow with four children requested help for repairing their house. Near by church and convent helped to build their house, but they did not install windows or doors. We carefully investigated and found it is very essential. C.M.S. donated $225.00 (Rs.10,000.00). ¾
7) Peroor: A poor family requested $350.00 (Rs.15,000.00) to complete their daughter's nursing education over two year period. We received few recommendations and found that she needs support, so C.M.S. has given Rs. 10,000.00 for the first installments. 03/04
.6) Six families together helped a poor boy in Idukki to complete his Computer science course. He is working and supporting his family. Special thanks to all those families.
5) We collected about $1000.00 for medical treatment (Brain tumor) for Bindhu Baby in Kottayam, in March 2001.
4) We helped a poor family to complete their daughter's nursing studies in 2001. Miss. Manchu is graduated in Nursing and working and helping her family.
3) We sponsored a Retreat Tour in 12 major cities In USA by Fr. A. J. Snehadas O.F.M. Cap. It was well appreciated by many and it was a different kind of retreat based on Biblical Love He explained about, how you can Love and be loved by others. About 150 to 500 were attended. Those who attended were very happy and appreciated, many decided to go India and attend his one-week stay over retreat. Most of these people recommended it to others..
2) We sponsored a Retreat Tour in 14 major cities, in USA by Fr. Jose Suresh, O.F.M. cap, from May - August 2000. Fr. Suresh is specialized in family retreat. He explained very clearly to over come all kinds of problems in the family. From 300 to 700 were attended. Those who attend fully, received many blessings and many have appreciated and thanked CMS for organizing these retreats.
1) We published and distributed (3000 copies) of a prayer book (about 275 page) called Naveekarana Ganangal and prarthana ( Malayalam) in 1994. Later we published a prayer book in English in 1995. Booth books are well appreciated by many. These books are containing essential prayers for a Christian Family. 94-95.